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Each speaker presents an abstract through the specifically prepared mailing-list. Essays will be placed on the official site, which could be consulted only by signed members. Speakers participate on invitation or by self-candidature.

Speaker candidature application form 7th edition 2009.
(To be presented within March 1, 2009).

7th edition 2009

1st session (January 15):

Maria Wally Cortese, L'importanza della Biblioteca Telematica nel XXI secolo.

Francesca Regina, Siti web italiani medievali: considerazioni e proposte.

Second session (February 15):

Svilena Hristova and Jordan Tabov, Chronological distribution of the extant Roman bronze coins.

Papers (PDF, only for members)

English papers:

4th edition 2006
2nd session (February 15):
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, ''At the Dawn of the 21st Century: A View-Thought 'The Red Window''' (''The Critical Time of the World Civilization''). An Installation Art Project.
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, ''Untitled''. (Wishes, Lies and Dreams). Video Art Project.

3rd edition 2005
2nd session (February 15):
David Bryson, Visualizing hidden histories ‘in progress - online’.
Drew E. VandeCreek, Tara Dirst, Ben Kinney, Geographic Information Systems Technology and Digital Humanities: The Mark Twain's Mississippi Project.

2nd edition 2004
Third session (March 15):
Paul Arpaia, Using Computer-Mediated Instruction in History Classes.
Christopher S. Harris, Teaching with Computers in America: Some Thoughts and Analysis.

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