IS - Internet e Storia. 5th Forum 15 January - 15 March 2007
IS Forum 2007
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The forum takes place from 15 January to 15 March 2007 exclusively through the Internet.

Moderators survey on the regular development of IS Forum 2007.

The topics for the 5th telematic forum are Internet, History and all subjects related to the application of multimedia technology to History and, in general to Human Studies.

The Forum is free; everyone can apply and participate to the debate, which will be moderated by scholars and professionals in this field. The debate will take place via private mailing-list. Italian will be the official language, but interventions in English, French, Spanish and German will be accepted.

Each speaker presents an abstract through the specifically prepared mailing-list. Essays will be placed on the official site, which could be consulted only by signed members. Speakers participate on invitation or by self-candidature through the official site pages. The candidature must arrive within the January 8th 2007. Acts will be published in Storiadelmondo, public access electronic journal dealing with world-wide History and Human Studies, ISSN 1721-0216.