IS - Internet e Storia. 3rd Forum 15 January - 15 March 2005
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Materials for the debate:

The Acts of the 1st forum and other materials have been published on 24 March 2003 in «Storiadelmondo», dedicated to the link History - Internet. This can be taken as the referring-to edition. The authors are Pia Grazia Celozzi Baldelli, Amedeo Lepore, Luigi M. Reale, Maurizio Vittoria, Elena Baldassarri, Marino Micich, Mimma de Maio. In 2003 Archives (green headline, in Italian) indexes and texts can be found.

Number 14 of the review Storiadelmondo (29 Sept. 2003) contains contributions on the informatics applications to Medieval Studies, ed. by Claudio Attardi, Orietta Da Rold, Angelo Gambella, Jordan Tabov et al.

The Acts of the 2nd forum and other materials have been published on 15 March 2004 in Storiadelmondo # 22 with papers of: Sergio Chierici, Monica L'Erario, Gianni Rapetti, Luigi M. Reale, Marco Marandola, Gennaro Tedesco, Paul Arpaia, Using Computer-Mediated Instruction in History Classes, Christopher S. Harris, Teaching with Computers in America: Some Thoughts and Analysis. In 2004 Archives (yellow headline, in English) are available other materials.

Jordan Tabov e Lydia Tabova, Searching for Dark Ages.

Internet e Storia ed. by Roberta Fidanzia and Angelo Gambella, Quaderni del Medioevo Italiano Project, Drengo, Roma, 2002. ISBN 88-88812-00-8.
The first part of the volume, within the social aim of MIP, intends to offer an overview on the condition of History on-line. The section contains some interviews to authors of selected web-sites concerning History and Human Studies in general. They have been selected according to precise criteria: the historical-scientific quality of the contents they offer; the reliability of the authors; the ease in reading the intervention. There are also some interviews to university teachers and researchers and independent scholars and researchers. The interview criteria are based on the need of uniformity of exposition of all authors’ works, so to make easier for any reader the main passages on which the building of a history-dealing web-site is based. 1. Bio-bibliographical notes (in Italian); 2. Presentation of the volume Internet e Storia (PDF, in Italian); 3. The publisher’s site.

Medioevo Italiano. Rassegna Storica online ed altri testi in edizione CD-ROM (1999-2003) ed. by Angelo Gambella, Quaderni del Medioevo Italiano Project, Drengo, Roma, 2003. ISBN 88-88812-04-0 (book and CD-ROM).
Archive of Medioevo Italiano website.

Internet e Medioevo. Testi e strumenti per la didattica e la ricerca, a cura di R. Fidanzia e A. Gambella, Drengo, Roma, 2004. ISBN 88-88812-06-7.
Papers on Internet and Middle Ages. The publisher’s site.

Archivio di Storiadelmondo CD-ROM 2003. Indice degli studi nn. 1-18 (2003), Quaderni del Medioevo Italiano Project, Drengo, Roma, 2004. ISBN 88-88812-05-9 (book and CD-ROM).
Year-book of Storiadelmondo. CD-ROM edition for scholars and the Italian National Libraries. The publisher’s site.

Informatica applicata agli Studi di Storia Medievale. Iniziative 2001-2004, Bollettini del Medioevo Italiano Project, Roma, 2004.
Free. Contact the Medioevo Italiano Project.

Other information on-line:

Manifesto for the historical research in Internet. Draft for an auto-regulation code for all History scholars on-line. The actual version of 2 Nov. 2001 could be used and ameliorated during the Forum.

Archives of all reports (2000-2001) given within the Medioevo Italiano Project, concerning medieval times and the Internet (see also Medioevo Italiano web page on Medieval Studies).